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If you are trying to get a

Feel for what college life is about, hollywood movies might not be the most reliable source of information.

However, if you are just looking to have a good time watching what you wish college was or would be, here are the 10 best movies about college life that you can binge on. Oh! And yes, they are in no particular order. number 10 pitch perfect 2012. Are you a fan of music, especially acapella? yeah. If you are, I can guarantee that you would absolutely love. Pitch Perfect. The movie is basically about an all-female acapella group fighting their way back to acapella relevance, and it explores themes of unusual friendships, acceptance, and self-discovery.

It famously features Anna Kendricks and Rebel Wilson, and while it is certainly a chick-flick, anybody can watch and enjoy Pitch Perfect. There are 3 parts to this movie; the first part focuses on most of them as freshmen, the second focuses on their final year, while the last shows them as post-college adults. You should binge-watch all 3. okay she has no underwear on we have a commando situation there is a commando situation on stage number nine monsters university 2013. Whether or not you love to watch animations, Monsters University is one animation you really should consider checking out. It tells the story of Mike and Sully who met on their first day of college and follows them through their journey to becoming the best of friends. James b Sullivan mike wazowski. Before you get any ideas into your head, their meeting was not loved or friendship at first sight, but I’m sure that that’s something some of us can relate to.

i know you're a princess and i'm just a stable boy. Monsters University explores all the things you expect from a college movie like fraternities and sororities, campus life, and college friendships, but it puts a monster spin to it which is quite refreshing. oh scary up top number eight good will hunting 1997. If you want to watch a college movie that gives you the opportunity to be introspective and contemplative, Good Will Hunting is probably as good a movie as you can get. While it is the oldest movie on this list, I can tell you that it has aged well and is still so watchable. Good Will Hunting tells the story of Will Hunting who is practically a genius but has chosen to be a janitor in M.I.T. He is eventually discovered by a professor who notices that there is more going on with Will than he lets on, and so helps him to seek professional help from a psychologist. Following Will on this journey is way more than just seeing college life; it is about figuring out for yourself what life in general means to you.

However, if all of that is not enough to convince you, consider the fact that Matt Damon plays Will Hunting and Robin Williams plays the psychologist. So, yea and god i know we're forgetting somebody whoever we forgot we love you thank you thank you so much number seven legally blonde 2001. You’ve probably already seen Legally Blonde before, but you should definitely rewatch it or watch it if you haven’t yet. Now, while Legally Blonde is not as grounded in college life as the other movies on this list, the elements that are incorporated are certainly worth the watch. Plus, Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods is just absolutely brilliant. In this movie, we see Elle. Woods, the main character, subvert tropes and kick stereotypes in the face by being a bombshell of a human and still knocking it out of the park to get into and go through Harvard law. It is girl power, self-reliance, hard work, and it sure doesn’t hurt that Elle is such a fashion inspiration.

i object number six Accepted 2006. Not only is Accepted an awesome comedy movie about college, but it is also an alternative, which is usually fun. So basically, the story is about a student who has been rejected by all the colleges he applied to, and so in order to convince people that he is in college, he decided to open his own college with a building, a fake website, and even a fake dean.

However, the whole thing blows wide open

When what was intended to just be a cover for him and his friends ends up attracting other college rejects like them.

The whole thing is fun and a mess, but you’ll find yourself connecting with the characters, except you’re a genius or something. Accepted famously features Jonah Hill and Blake Lively, so you can be sure that you’ll have your laughs i'm the happiest i'm happy hey ask you about my wiener. And now a little promo block from our friends! can help with your homework. Let us know your deadline and number of pages, and we’ll do the rest correctly! Remember about promocode - you will have 20 off for your first order! Follow the pinned comment and tap a link.

Next, click on the big red banner at the top of the page and enjoy your study. High quality, anonymity, and the best price on the market! Ok, let’s continue our article number five the social network 2010. First off, the rider for this movie is “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies”, so you already know that there will be a delicious amount of drama. This 2010 movie is basically a Facebook origin story, and while it has been criticized for having a few inaccuracies, it is still a good watch. Mark Zuckerberg is played by Jesse Eisenberg, and we get to see how an unassuming school project is fleshed out and made into the multi-billion corporation that it is now through intelligence and some backstabbing and karma; you know, drama. your actions could have permanently destroyed everything i've been working we have been more do you like being a joke do you want to go back to the heart number four drumline 2002. Drumline features Nick Cannon as a Harlem drummer who gets recruited to play in a marching band at a Southern University. We see an obviously talented Devon Miles, the Harlem drummer, come to terms with the fact that talent is not enough.

The movie, Drumline, shows us Devon’s growth from the self-obsessed, proud but obviously talented drummer that he was, to a self-aware, considerate and still talented drummer, all without being trampled on. I bet you that the transformation is a joy to watch. Plus there is some romance involved; who doesn’t like the romance, right? yeah baby yeah number three waterboy 1996. Waterboy follows the story of Bobby Boucher Jr., played by Adam Sandler, who tries to navigate the troubled waters (pun intended) of doing what is right for one in college while still trying to please one’s family and teammates. It is the story of a young man who starts out as a college football waterboy but is soon discovered to have quite the talent for tackling. This would have been all well and lovely, except that his mum believes football to be the devil. Adam Sandler played Bobby back in his glory days, so while you will certainly relate to the character and might shed a few tears, you will definitely be laughing your heart out on this one. number two groan-ish 2018.

This list won’t be complete without, at least, one TV series, and Grownish is one TV series that really gets the whole college scene well. The Blackish spin-off follows Zoe, the oldest Johnson child, and her friends as they try to navigate college; interests, classes, friendships, family, and romantic relationships. Unlike some of the movies on this list, college isn’t only the background of the show, it is the entire essence of it. And you might come to find that it is quite realistic, with only a few Hollywood embellishments here and there. You should really consider watching Grownish if you want to get a feel of the different aspects of college. hey this is not a game do you hear me this is real life number one house bunny 2008. This is probably the most ‘chick-flicky’ movie on our list, making it perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The movie follows Shelly Darlington, a playboy bunny who is kicked out of the playboy mansion as soon as she turns 27.

In search of work and shelter, she finds herself in a sorority house that is surprisingly composed of geeks; she then tries to help them to become more girly in order to score boys, leading to a lot of high jinks and adventure. Now, I know that the premise of this movie hasn’t particularly aged well, but it is still quite the watch. So, consider checking it out. And that’s about it.